As children, my cousins and I, would produce shows for our parents,
relatives, friends and anyone else that would listen.  I played music
and sang for company picnics, church events, church youth camps,
school events, and high school dances.  That instilled a desire within
me to perform in public and share the music that I love. So I worked at
learning to play acoustic, electric & bass guitar.  After Opal & I married,
I learned to play steel guitar and that is now my main instrument.  I’ve
added a few others since then (tenor banjo and accordion).
Opal, my wife, is a very talented singer and performer.  Having grown up
in rural south Georgia, she is a natural born country singer.  She is the
major vocal part of our show, and what a blessing  it is to have a gifted
wife like her to share in my career.  She comes from a family of ten kids,
many of them sang and she had one brother that played guitar.  So on
Sundays, after a big family dinner, he would get out the guitar and they
would all gather round and sing all those wonderful southern gospel
hymns of the church.   She sings from the heart and hopes to bring back
some warm fond memories of your past as well as entertain you with
humor and song.  You’ll learn to love this lady just as I did after only one
evening in her audience.
Life has gone full-circle now, and we have enjoyed singing and sharing in RV Resorts,
rallies,  churches, school re-unions and other social and community events across the
western half of the USA.   Now, we are starting to slow down some and are concentrating
more on the ministry in music to lift up the name of Jesus, our SOON coming King.  We
are Musicianaries, a title given to us in the state of Washington a few years ago.  Our heart
is to keep sharing Jesus through music wherever we go across our great nation. We
primarily concentrate on the southwest now, since we started Legacy Gospel Music
Fellowship in Yuma, AZ in 2013.

                                 Contact info:  Ron Erickson
It all started in the early 1900’s when my fiddle playing grandfather
and piano playing grandmother had a powerful musical impact on my
mother’s life.  At an early age, she and her sister, Sally & Sue, (stage
names) began to perform together resulting in their move from the
rich farmland of the Red River Valley of Hope, North Dakota.  In
addition to their music related travels, they had their own live radio
show in the mid 1940’s on WDAY in Fargo, ND.  I’m proud of my ND
farm roots and the great musical heritage passed on to me, the third
generation.  My children and grandchildren are also keeping this
music tradition and love for performance alive to the 5th generation.
We've gone full circle and
still singing together!
Our Heritage
Ron's Mom 18 yrs
Ron at 13 yrs old
Opal at the
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